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  • RECIPE: Salt Kitchen Bratwurst, The Ultimate Hotdog

    Salt Kitchen's Bratwurst is the ultimate secret to the ultimate hot dog! Made with just a simple relish, or the full compliment of sauerkraut, mustard and melted cheese, and you've got yourself a lunchtime treat! Best with a cold beer, watching the footy!
  • RECIPE: Rolled Pork Loin

    These short cut pork loins from Western Plains Pork are a fantastic option for roasting. And this recipe by Mick Nunn, is a cracker! Yes, some time is required. But the wait is worth it for the succulent, delicious result you see here. Have a go, and tell us what you reckon!
  • RECIPE: Korean BBQ Ribs and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

    A new addition to the Salt Kitchen range, these Korean BBQ ribs are out-of-this-world delicious! Try this easy meal prep idea... it's a total crowd pleaser!

  • RECIPE: Wagyu bresaola with rocket, shaved Parmesan and Balsamic vinaigrette

    A simple delight, this Wagyu bresaola recipe is an absolute treat! Quick. Tasty. Impressive. You'll be making this one time & time again! Dig in!
  • RECIPE: Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

    This delectable recipe from Mick Nunn of Salt Kitchen Charcuterie, is a total winner! Featuring Western Plains minced pork, the freshness, goodness and tastiness of these dumplings are out of this world. No more take away dumplings for you! 🐷
  • RECIPE: Chermoula Pork Steaks

    You won't believe this delectable recipe of deliciousness. These Chermoula pork steaks are an easy yet impressive option for fancier pork. Give them a try! (you can thank us later).