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  • Pancetta Pork Loin

    Our pancetta is made from larger female Western Plains pigs that have been grown specifically for Salt Kitchen to make charcuterie. This collaboration is really where the Western Plains/Salt Kitchen relationship began. We recognised that we needed a unique raw product to create Salumi & Charcuterie that is comparable to what we see coming from Europe. The size of the pig and the way they are grown at the farm means we achieve the balance of fat and meat in the belly to make incredible Flat Pancetta. The loins we use from younger pigs are soft sweet and juicy but have little to no fat so pancetta is the perfect addition to make these loins a real treat.
  • Ham Hock & Parsley Terrine with Pea Soup

    This week we’ve paired our delicious ham hock and parsley terrine, with a fresh green pea soup.  The result is a drop-dead sumptuous winter warmer, that’s a meal all in itself. Comfortingly perfect for winter in iso, we think it’s such a shame dinner parties aren’t allowed at the moment! Enjoy…

  • Crispy Hock Salad - with warm potato, walnut and radicchio

    This recipe is a sensory sensation! A delectable combination of soft hock, crispy crackling and crunchy salad. It doesn’t get much better than this. Easy to prepare, and very difficult to stuff up 😉.

    This crispy hock, warm potato, walnut and radicchio salad is EVERYTHING for an easy go-to winter recipe during lock down. A definite family pleaser!

  • RECIPE: Cotechino with lentils

    Yes, cotechino is a bit intimidating for the uninitiated. Yet this incredibly tasty sausage is easy as pie to cook with. Our cotechino with lentils recipe is a simple dish that you'll want to make again and again. Really!
  • RECIPE: Slow Roasted Pork Scotch rubbed with herbs

    This recipe is inspired by the Chapolard family from Gascony in France’s south west. In 2012, I spent a month working on growing my charcuterie craft with the Charpolards at their farm. We would sit down to eat lunch together every day and this scotch was a simple dish that was put on to cook in the early hours of  Monday morning before we went to the abattoir to collect the pigs. When we returned home for lunch this delicious pork neck was waiting for us.

     Mick Nunn, Salt Kitchen Charcuterie

  • RECIPE: Salt Kitchen Bratwurst, The Ultimate Hotdog

    Salt Kitchen's Bratwurst is the ultimate secret to the ultimate hot dog! Made with just a simple relish, or the full compliment of sauerkraut, mustard and melted cheese, and you've got yourself a lunchtime treat! Best with a cold beer, watching the footy!
  • RECIPE: Rolled Pork Loin

    These short cut pork loins from Western Plains Pork are a fantastic option for roasting. And this recipe by Mick Nunn, is a cracker! Yes, some time is required. But the wait is worth it for the succulent, delicious result you see here. Have a go, and tell us what you reckon!
  • RECIPE: Korean BBQ Ribs and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

    A new addition to the Salt Kitchen range, these Korean BBQ ribs are out-of-this-world delicious! Try this easy meal prep idea... it's a total crowd pleaser!

  • RECIPE: Wagyu bresaola with rocket, shaved Parmesan and Balsamic vinaigrette

    A simple delight, this Wagyu bresaola recipe is an absolute treat! Quick. Tasty. Impressive. You'll be making this one time & time again! Dig in!
  • RECIPE: Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

    This delectable recipe from Mick Nunn of Salt Kitchen Charcuterie, is a total winner! Featuring Western Plains minced pork, the freshness, goodness and tastiness of these dumplings are out of this world. No more take away dumplings for you! 🐷
  • RECIPE: Chermoula Pork Steaks

    You won't believe this delectable recipe of deliciousness. These Chermoula pork steaks are an easy yet impressive option for fancier pork. Give them a try! (you can thank us later).