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  • Comforting pork and fennel ragu - with Salt Kitchen's delicious pork and fennel sausages!

    Our pork and fennel sausages are so versatile. Try this simple and delicious ragu with your favorite pasta.
  • The most succulent crumbed cutlet!

    This delicious dish hails from Italy - called cotoletta, meaning little rib, referring to the bone attached to the cutlet. Crumbed with breadcrumbs...
  • The most delicious crispy pork hock! EVERY TIME!

    With every purchase over $55 until the 9th of March - you'll receive a complimentary confit roasting hock - valued at $15.This recipe will make the...
  • You've eaten a Bratwurst in a bun right? Jazz up your Bratwursts for your next BBQ!

    These delicious Bratwurst sausages are slightly smoky, have a hint of spice and will become essential every time you BBQ once you've tried this rec...
  • The first of many crowd pleasing dishes for this Christmas! Slow roasted boned shoulder, crackling, cress and peaches!

    So, you've got your glazed ham recipe up your sleeve. Here's another crowd pleaser! This slow roasted shoulder will literally fall apart. Teamed wi...
  • Glaze for your Christmas Ham

    To make your Christmas Ham even more special, try this amazing glaze recipe by Mick Nunn.
  • Simple Spanish Chorizo pasta BURSTING with flavour!

    This is a favorite dish of Mick's family. It is simple to prepare - and packed full of flavour. Sweet, smoky pork sausage tossed with chewy orecchi...
  • The most delicious bao ever!!

    These bao will become part of your weekly repertoire! Healthy, delicious and fun for the whole family!
  • Meet the Makers - Part 1

    Meet the Makers - Part 1
  • Meet the Makers - Part 2

    Meet the Makers - Part 2
  • Meet the Farmers - Part 1

    Meet the Farmers - Part 1
  • Chicken Saltimbocca with Salt Kitchen capacollo

    Saltimbocca is a popular Italian dish, usually made with veal and proscuitto and translates literally to 'jump in the mouth'. This version uses chi...