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  • Pork Belly with Crispy Crackling

    A super simple recipe for delicious juicy tender pork with guaranteed crispy crackling.. what more could you want?
  • How to prepare boned shoulder for roasting

    How to prepare your boned shoulder for roasting. Mick demonstrates how to score, season and truss your pork ready for the BBQ, oven or spit.
  • The first of many crowd pleasing dishes for this Christmas! Slow roasted boned shoulder, crackling, cress and peaches!

    So, you've got your glazed ham recipe up your sleeve. Here's another crowd pleaser! This slow roasted shoulder will literally fall apart. Teamed wi...
  • Rolled Pork Loin

    These short cut pork loins from Western Plains Pork are a fantastic option for roasting. And this recipe by Mick Nunn, is a cracker! Yes, some time...
  • Pancetta Pork Loin

    Our pancetta is made from larger female Western Plains pigs that have been grown specifically for Salt Kitchen to make charcuterie. This collaboration is really where the Western Plains/Salt Kitchen relationship began. We recognised that we needed a unique raw product to create Salumi & Charcuterie that is comparable to what we see coming from Europe. The size of the pig and the way they are grown at the farm means we achieve the balance of fat and meat in the belly to make incredible Flat Pancetta. The loins we use from younger pigs are soft sweet and juicy but have little to no fat so pancetta is the perfect addition to make these loins a real treat.