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Fresh from the farm in Western Victoria, Western Plains produce is like NO OTHER pork you've ever tried. Succulent, clean, heavenly. We know you'll be back for more! You're welcome.

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Take your pick from the vast selection of incredible hand-prepared charcuterie from Salt Kitchen. Guaranteed won't be able to buy just one product! Go on ... spoil yourself and your family.

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We've combined the fresh with the cured to bring you fantastic combinations of produce. Here you'll find our favorites to give you the maximum taste experience!

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Pork Farm to Plate is a collaboration between two quality brands committed to quality produce: Western Plains Farms and Salt Kitchen Charcuterie. Together, we provide the highest standard fresh pork and charcuterie produce, direct to you from the farm in Western Victoria. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices and perfectly crafted produce delivers the highest standard pork and charcuterie you've ever had the pleasure of tasting!

Unbelievable pork! My family were blown away... a roast like no other!

Gerard McNamara, Malvern

The Value Pack has been a lifesaver during COVID lockdown... happy wife, happy life!

Ivan Finnegan, Black Rock

This is not bacon. It's something else. Something unworldly. WOW!

Tim Straford, Caulfield